Back from my travels..

Hi everyone!

I have been on my holidays with Mummy and so I have not been able to write. I have been to the Lake District in England, its a beautiful part of the country with mountains and lakes and moors and woods and fells…I could go on and on. I had an amaaaazing time! I went with my cousin Tilly – she is a schnauzer puppy, and she has 4 legs, but she is nowhere near as fast as me!

I stayed in a caravan with Mummy- she got a bit stressed with me at times I think – whats wrong with getting up with the birds at 4:30am and scrapping round to wake her up for a walk? I think thats perfectly acceptable on holiday (or vacation as you guys over the pond say).


Anyway, My Mummy enjoyed it too, and I did benefit a lot from the BBQ….I have apparently put on weight, which is amazing considering all the exercise I did! I was so tired on the way home I didn’t open my eyes once the entire journey! I must admit I’m glad to be home for a rest now.


Only one bad thing did happen when we were away, and it had my Mummy in tears. On the campsite we were staying, there was a family there, and they had two young dogs – maybe they were pups, you couldn’t tell. One had hardly any fur, and was all pink, and both were so so skinny. Mummy was worried about them when she saw them the first time, because they both walked funny, and both looked very nervous, they had their tails between their legs and were scurrying along. Then Mummy saw something that made her sick – the pups were being kept in cat carriers – CAT CARRIERS! In the boot of a car!! They were in there for 14 hours straight, and over the course of the weekend got let out only for a few minutes at a time for a few times. It was sick, the bigger one couldn’t even turn around in his cage because it was so small, and they didn’t have water in there. They slept in the car all night,so it was freezing cold, and then in the morning it was sunny so I’m guessing really warm, and they weren’t allowed out once.


Mummy was enraged, and went over and tried to do something, but to no avail. The moment the site office opened on the morning she went and complained and asked for something to be done immediatly, and was literally gutted when she got back and the family had left with the dogs. Luckily she had taken their car registration and details of the car, so as soon as she got home she rang the RSPCA and reported it. They said they will now investigate, but Mummy has dreamt about the dogs every night and keeps getting real upset about it.

It made me realise how lucky I am to have my loving Mummy, and how fortunate I was to be rescued. Perhaps the reason I lost my leg was because of the actions of people such as those we saw on holiday – I don’t know, I have blocked it out, but it makes me all the more determined to look out for my fellow doggies who are in need of help!


My holidays made me see how happy I am and how lucky I am, and how much I love my Mummy, and I know it made her realise how much she loves me – even if I do get her up at 4:30am for walks…..


Happy wagging!

Hugs, bugs and bones,

Sammy Bam Bam