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My Loopy Lurcher, Me, and my PhD..

Life with my crazy dog while trying to finish my PhD

My Loopy Lurcher, Me, and my PhD..

Sammy has a GIRLFRIEND!

April 29th, 2010 · 6 Comments · Life

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Sammy Bam Bam has a new girlfriend! He met her on the field on Tuesday night and it was love at first sight!

They ran around the field and in and out of the river at full-pelt for the best part of an hour – she could ALMOST, but not quite, keep up with him (I told you he was fast)! The finally collapsed at our feet soaking wet and panting like mad, and lay down right next to each other.

So, her name is Molly, she is 2 and is a staffordshire bull terrier/lurcher cross. She is from the same dog shelter as Sams big brother, and she is very pretty! In honesty, if she wanted to, she could eat Sam whole – she is the type of dog some people would be terrified of, she is built so big and strongĀ  but she is a soft as a baby and so sweet – and Sam is in love with her!

Sam and Molly have a play date tomorrow night at 6pm….watch this space…..

Hugs, bugs and bones,



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6 Comments so far ↓

  • Carmen (Catie's Mom)

    Aw. Nice to know there’s still some romance in the world.

  • janeothejungle

    Wow, so you likes your womens with a little extra paddins on ’em?? You are pretty cute for a boy, even with them skinny legses. Good luck with your new girl!

    luvs, Rosie

  • jerry

    Sammy and Molly kissing in a tree……

    True love for sure! We can’t wait to see some photos!

  • kellynsam

    Thank you everyone! I have my date tonight…I think I need a bath first, I smell pretty bad after swimming in the river :-/

    Its pouring with rain here this morning, I have all 3 of my paws crossed it stops!

    Have a fab Friday- woof woof!

  • Opie

    Oh Sammy, I am sooo happy for you. Don’t be concerned with the size difference. Opie was a pretty tall boy and he fell in love with a 13 inch beagle. When it works, it just works. Don’t fight it. We want to hear all about the date and…! Opie’s mom

  • cometdog

    Hey Sammy B.B. –

    If it doesn’t work out, I’m available! I think you are really cute.
    I waaaaaay prettier than whoever this Molly is! Sheesh.


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