My Mummy went to Bonny Scotland!

My Mummy went to Edinburgh on Friday and LEFT ME BEHIND!!!!!!!!!!!

I was upset, I mean, I’m her favourite boy and she didn’t take me! She said I wouldn’t like going to the city and she said that her friends isn’t allowed doggies in her apartment – Mummy was visiting her Scottish friends – but I don’t dig that excuse!

I wanted to show Mummy I was upset she left me behind, but when she came home yesterday couldn’t hide my excitement!! I jumped onto a chair and fell off in excitement! I love my Mummy really, I just missed her while she was gone.

I mean, I didn’t have a bad time, my Nana looked after me, and shes really soft on me, I have her wrapped round my little paw – I know I don’t have to listen to her like I listen to my Mummy! I played with my cousin Barney all weekend, but still, I missed my Mummy.

Anyway, she is back now and working from her bed today – her bed!! she is a bit lazy I think – she says its because she didn’t go to bed until 4am on Saturday night – I mean Sunday morning, and then had to drive the 270 mile trip back home…but I don’t buy that, I think its cos she wants to spend the day on her bed with my to keep her feet warm…


This is me when my Mummy got back:

And this is me right now chillin’ with my Cuz while Mummy does her work:


From Kel:

So, as Sammy has already said (these are CLEVER dogs typing away on the Internet aren’t they)?! I went to Edinburgh this weekend to see friends I met working at summer camp in NY in 2006. We had an awesome time, but I think its fair to say I drove them round the bend with my constant references to Sam and all things dog (they regretted taking me on Portobello beach when the saw how many doggies were there)! I even found Edinburgh cats and dogs home – I really think I am obsessed!!!

I was so excited to see Bam Bam when I got home – I was really tired but we went straight out, and he went MENTAL on the field – I guess he had lots of built up energy over the weekend. I was feeling really groggy but seeing him legging it around (that was an unintentional pun)! and jumping in the river really woke me up and and made me smile.


Hugs, bugs and bones
Kel & Sammy Bam Bam

2 thoughts on “My Mummy went to Bonny Scotland!”

  1. Sam is a fortunate boy to have those fields and rivers. What a great life.

    Sounds like he survived the weekend away quite nicely and it’s great that you had a break with friends. A PhD in neuroscience (a PhD in any field) is a heck of a lot of dedicated work. Well done you.

  2. Kel & Sammy Bam Bam,

    Catie’s Mum is right, taking a break from such hard work is mandatory. But tell that to Bam Bam, right? Well, like they say, distance makes the heart grow fonder, blah blah blah.

    Welcome back!

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