Back from my travels..

Hi everyone!

I have been on my holidays with Mummy and so I have not been able to write. I have been to the Lake District in England, its a beautiful part of the country with mountains and lakes and moors and woods and fells…I could go on and on. I had an amaaaazing time! I went with my cousin Tilly – she is a schnauzer puppy, and she has 4 legs, but she is nowhere near as fast as me!

I stayed in a caravan with Mummy- she got a bit stressed with me at times I think – whats wrong with getting up with the birds at 4:30am and scrapping round to wake her up for a walk? I think thats perfectly acceptable on holiday (or vacation as you guys over the pond say).


Anyway, My Mummy enjoyed it too, and I did benefit a lot from the BBQ….I have apparently put on weight, which is amazing considering all the exercise I did! I was so tired on the way home I didn’t open my eyes once the entire journey! I must admit I’m glad to be home for a rest now.


Only one bad thing did happen when we were away, and it had my Mummy in tears. On the campsite we were staying, there was a family there, and they had two young dogs – maybe they were pups, you couldn’t tell. One had hardly any fur, and was all pink, and both were so so skinny. Mummy was worried about them when she saw them the first time, because they both walked funny, and both looked very nervous, they had their tails between their legs and were scurrying along. Then Mummy saw something that made her sick – the pups were being kept in cat carriers – CAT CARRIERS! In the boot of a car!! They were in there for 14 hours straight, and over the course of the weekend got let out only for a few minutes at a time for a few times. It was sick, the bigger one couldn’t even turn around in his cage because it was so small, and they didn’t have water in there. They slept in the car all night,so it was freezing cold, and then in the morning it was sunny so I’m guessing really warm, and they weren’t allowed out once.


Mummy was enraged, and went over and tried to do something, but to no avail. The moment the site office opened on the morning she went and complained and asked for something to be done immediatly, and was literally gutted when she got back and the family had left with the dogs. Luckily she had taken their car registration and details of the car, so as soon as she got home she rang the RSPCA and reported it. They said they will now investigate, but Mummy has dreamt about the dogs every night and keeps getting real upset about it.

It made me realise how lucky I am to have my loving Mummy, and how fortunate I was to be rescued. Perhaps the reason I lost my leg was because of the actions of people such as those we saw on holiday – I don’t know, I have blocked it out, but it makes me all the more determined to look out for my fellow doggies who are in need of help!


My holidays made me see how happy I am and how lucky I am, and how much I love my Mummy, and I know it made her realise how much she loves me – even if I do get her up at 4:30am for walks…..


Happy wagging!

Hugs, bugs and bones,

Sammy Bam Bam


Sammy has a GIRLFRIEND!


Sammy Bam Bam has a new girlfriend! He met her on the field on Tuesday night and it was love at first sight!

They ran around the field and in and out of the river at full-pelt for the best part of an hour – she could ALMOST, but not quite, keep up with him (I told you he was fast)! The finally collapsed at our feet soaking wet and panting like mad, and lay down right next to each other.

So, her name is Molly, she is 2 and is a staffordshire bull terrier/lurcher cross. She is from the same dog shelter as Sams big brother, and she is very pretty! In honesty, if she wanted to, she could eat Sam whole – she is the type of dog some people would be terrified of, she is built so big and strong  but she is a soft as a baby and so sweet – and Sam is in love with her!

Sam and Molly have a play date tomorrow night at 6pm….watch this space…..

Hugs, bugs and bones,



Baby Bam Bam!

Mummy was just looking through some old photos and found ones of me just after I had my leg removed and Mummy got me!

Don’t you think I’m pretty cute for a boy??Cuddling with my Mummy

My first day home!

Me and my big bro (but he is much smaller than me now)!

…and me at the and of my first day home xxx

My Mummy went to Bonny Scotland!

My Mummy went to Edinburgh on Friday and LEFT ME BEHIND!!!!!!!!!!!

I was upset, I mean, I’m her favourite boy and she didn’t take me! She said I wouldn’t like going to the city and she said that her friends isn’t allowed doggies in her apartment – Mummy was visiting her Scottish friends – but I don’t dig that excuse!

I wanted to show Mummy I was upset she left me behind, but when she came home yesterday couldn’t hide my excitement!! I jumped onto a chair and fell off in excitement! I love my Mummy really, I just missed her while she was gone.

I mean, I didn’t have a bad time, my Nana looked after me, and shes really soft on me, I have her wrapped round my little paw – I know I don’t have to listen to her like I listen to my Mummy! I played with my cousin Barney all weekend, but still, I missed my Mummy.

Anyway, she is back now and working from her bed today – her bed!! she is a bit lazy I think – she says its because she didn’t go to bed until 4am on Saturday night – I mean Sunday morning, and then had to drive the 270 mile trip back home…but I don’t buy that, I think its cos she wants to spend the day on her bed with my to keep her feet warm…


This is me when my Mummy got back:

And this is me right now chillin’ with my Cuz while Mummy does her work:


From Kel:

So, as Sammy has already said (these are CLEVER dogs typing away on the Internet aren’t they)?! I went to Edinburgh this weekend to see friends I met working at summer camp in NY in 2006. We had an awesome time, but I think its fair to say I drove them round the bend with my constant references to Sam and all things dog (they regretted taking me on Portobello beach when the saw how many doggies were there)! I even found Edinburgh cats and dogs home – I really think I am obsessed!!!

I was so excited to see Bam Bam when I got home – I was really tired but we went straight out, and he went MENTAL on the field – I guess he had lots of built up energy over the weekend. I was feeling really groggy but seeing him legging it around (that was an unintentional pun)! and jumping in the river really woke me up and and made me smile.


Hugs, bugs and bones
Kel & Sammy Bam Bam


From Kelly:

Just when I thought the spring and summer walks were on their way, I get up this morning and my car is totally frozen over! Stupid English weather!

I suppose on the upside, its sunny 🙂 I just didn’t expect to have to wear mittens and a scarf today.

Sam’s antics this morning: he managed to escape into the garden into next this wouldn’t be so much of a problem if our gardens were flat. Oh no – our gardens are built onto a steep hillside – with patios that then have a 10ft high drystone wall and steps up to the next level….and it was this level Sam decided to mountaineer over into next door this morning – over branches, through bushes – on a very steep slope with a 10ft drop onto stone at the side of him.

You might think its kind of irresponsible to let a tripawd roam about on such terrain – I assure you, I don’t. He managed to bust through the assortment of obstacles blocking the steps – how, I don’t know, as he had to climb a chair and a sledge of all things to get over.

As I say – all this before 8am. I wasnt at home, my Mum text me as I was on the train to work this morning, to give me this news. Apparently now Sam keeps whining at the door to go back out there. No wonder since he had such an adventure earlier!

Just one example of my daily happenings with my angel (I say that with a straight face – honestly)!.

Have a fantastic day!

Hugs, bugs and Bones


Happy Tuesday morning!

From Sam:

Happy Tuesday! I have just got back from my walk and I was VERY good! I did do a bit of spinning with a new Rottweiler I haven’t met before on my walks on the bridals, but I played well with my other friends 🙂 Mummy is proud and I got a hobnob biscuit when I got back home!


Now Mummy is going to do work at a box on her desk that she presses buttons on all day – it looks boring to me, so Ill just lounge around and doze on my bed next to her – Mummy says Im the laziest boy ever when Im in the house…

I am supposed to mention how I came to live with my Mummy, so you cant get to know me. I cant remember what happened to me when I used to have 4 legs, I was only a baby. Something very bad happened to me, and when I arrived at the dogs home I was so skinny and my leg was very badly injured. The vet said he couldnt save my leg because it had been too badly damaged. I was only about 5 months old so it could have been a car or it could have been someone stamping on my leg repeatedly. I think I have blocked out that memory so I guess Mummy will never know.

I was in the dogs home on Saturday when Mummy arrived with my Daddy and my Nana. Mummy saw me and couldnt get over how gorgeous I was (I still am)! She kept looking at me, and coming back to me, but Daddy said no to Mummy because I was a puppy and they were too busy and had too much in their lives to have the time for a puppy. Daddy was also worried that my older brother, Jack, wouldn’t like me. He is a rescue boy like me, and he has issues!

That night my Mummy went home and apparently talked about me all night. I was in my kennel at the home and the weather was horrible – it was the most torrential rain – it caused floods in Cumbria that night! The winds were over 50mph and I was cold and scared on my own. I didn’t know but Mummy was thinking of  me all night. The next day, Mummy took my brother out for the day in the Peak District – she had no idea that my Nana had rang the home and come to collect me!! I was so excited!! All the way back Nana was in turmoil about whether she had done the right thing. She had spoken to my Daddy, who, after listening to Mummy talk about me all night (and probably getting sick of it), decided it was the right thing.

Mummy didnt have a signal on her phone that day, so as my Nana and my Auntie rang and rang, the got more and more anxious about my arrival. Finally Mummy came round and nearly died of shock when she saw my skinny frame lay on my cousin Barny’s bed at Nanas house! She cried! I was upset at first – did she not want me? It turns out she did – humans are really strange sometimes – imagine crying for being happy!

I struggled at first because the kitchen at Mummy’s house was downstairs from the living and dining rooms, so every time Mummy went up and down, I cried to go with her – I hadn’t mastered my 3 legs properly then. My brother was a bit put out at my arrival at first, but he got over it and now he likes me 🙂

My leg bowed out really bad at first, but now I hold it straight. I am not as skinny anymore, and my coat is really shiny! Mummy worries because, as I lost my leg when I was so young, and so much smaller than I am now, my back has twisted over. I have look at other 3-leggers like me and they don’t seem to have my problem. Mummy worries it will cause me trouble when I’m older, because I’m only 1 and a bit at the moment – but I don’t care, I’m super happy.

 Right, Ive had my breakfast and my walk so its nap time.

Hugs, bugs and Bones

Sammy Bam Bam

The Beginning


Im Kelly, and I am writing this blog with my favourite boy – my 1 year old, jet black, collie x lurcher – Sam (or Bam Bam as he is affectionately known..)
We have decided to write a blog because, for one, we want to let the world know how ace we are..(make of that what you will..), two, so that we can meet other crazies like us, and three, because we get up to so much exciting stuff, it would be a shame not to share it…

From Sam:
Hi everyone, my Mummy wants to me to learn communicate properly now I’m 1, because she thinks that when I was a little puppy, I wasnt socialised properly, so now I dont know how to greet other doggies correctly – apparently Im not allowed to run at full-speed toward everyone and then spin in front of them while barking..

My Mummy is doing her PhD at the moment, so she is very busy all the time. She goes to work play experiments, and play thesis writing…I guess thats the same as playing with my toys? Anyway, she is a bit crazy because she does all that and then has to put up with me and my antics as well! I know I should be a good boy for my Mummy but its so exciting when Im out on my walks, I cant help myself from running around like the lunatic lurcher that I am!

Me and my Mummy wanted to say Hi, and we hope you will enjoy our blog. Right now she is going to take me up to bed (I sleep on the big bed)! so she can watch Glee…(I dont much like that, I much prefer Newsnight…)

Hugs, Bugs and Bones

Sam and Kel