Happy Tuesday morning!

From Sam:

Happy Tuesday! I have just got back from my walk and I was VERY good! I did do a bit of spinning with a new Rottweiler I haven’t met before on my walks on the bridals, but I played well with my other friends 🙂 Mummy is proud and I got a hobnob biscuit when I got back home!


Now Mummy is going to do work at a box on her desk that she presses buttons on all day – it looks boring to me, so Ill just lounge around and doze on my bed next to her – Mummy says Im the laziest boy ever when Im in the house…

I am supposed to mention how I came to live with my Mummy, so you cant get to know me. I cant remember what happened to me when I used to have 4 legs, I was only a baby. Something very bad happened to me, and when I arrived at the dogs home I was so skinny and my leg was very badly injured. The vet said he couldnt save my leg because it had been too badly damaged. I was only about 5 months old so it could have been a car or it could have been someone stamping on my leg repeatedly. I think I have blocked out that memory so I guess Mummy will never know.

I was in the dogs home on Saturday when Mummy arrived with my Daddy and my Nana. Mummy saw me and couldnt get over how gorgeous I was (I still am)! She kept looking at me, and coming back to me, but Daddy said no to Mummy because I was a puppy and they were too busy and had too much in their lives to have the time for a puppy. Daddy was also worried that my older brother, Jack, wouldn’t like me. He is a rescue boy like me, and he has issues!

That night my Mummy went home and apparently talked about me all night. I was in my kennel at the home and the weather was horrible – it was the most torrential rain – it caused floods in Cumbria that night! The winds were over 50mph and I was cold and scared on my own. I didn’t know but Mummy was thinking of  me all night. The next day, Mummy took my brother out for the day in the Peak District – she had no idea that my Nana had rang the home and come to collect me!! I was so excited!! All the way back Nana was in turmoil about whether she had done the right thing. She had spoken to my Daddy, who, after listening to Mummy talk about me all night (and probably getting sick of it), decided it was the right thing.

Mummy didnt have a signal on her phone that day, so as my Nana and my Auntie rang and rang, the got more and more anxious about my arrival. Finally Mummy came round and nearly died of shock when she saw my skinny frame lay on my cousin Barny’s bed at Nanas house! She cried! I was upset at first – did she not want me? It turns out she did – humans are really strange sometimes – imagine crying for being happy!

I struggled at first because the kitchen at Mummy’s house was downstairs from the living and dining rooms, so every time Mummy went up and down, I cried to go with her – I hadn’t mastered my 3 legs properly then. My brother was a bit put out at my arrival at first, but he got over it and now he likes me 🙂

My leg bowed out really bad at first, but now I hold it straight. I am not as skinny anymore, and my coat is really shiny! Mummy worries because, as I lost my leg when I was so young, and so much smaller than I am now, my back has twisted over. I have look at other 3-leggers like me and they don’t seem to have my problem. Mummy worries it will cause me trouble when I’m older, because I’m only 1 and a bit at the moment – but I don’t care, I’m super happy.

 Right, Ive had my breakfast and my walk so its nap time.

Hugs, bugs and Bones

Sammy Bam Bam

3 thoughts on “Happy Tuesday morning!”

  1. wow, what an amazing beginning!! sounds like it was kismet for you and your mummy. glad you’re having a great tuesday, me too. i’m off to celebrate with a well earned nap…. glad to know your story.


  2. Thank you Gayle! Im napping right now too, waiting for Mummy to finish her work and take me out again. Have a nice rest of your day!!


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