Baby Bam Bam!

Mummy was just looking through some old photos and found ones of me just after I had my leg removed and Mummy got me!

Don’t you think I’m pretty cute for a boy??Cuddling with my Mummy

My first day home!

Me and my big bro (but he is much smaller than me now)!

…and me at the and of my first day home xxx

3 thoughts on “Baby Bam Bam!”

  1. Bam Bam, I think you were put on this earth to make sure your Mum’s head doesn’t explode with all that PhD stuff she is learning. I mean just look at you! How can anyone go to work when there is just such major cuteness staring back at them?

    Keep up the great work, professor!

  2. Jerry – you are so right – Sam is the biggest distraction EVER from work! Sometimes thats a good thing – like our lovely relaxing walk last night….but sometimes its a not so good thing when I have a major amount of work to do and a whining noise at the side of me keeps on, asking to go out again….. 🙂

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