From Kelly:

Just when I thought the spring and summer walks were on their way, I get up this morning and my car is totally frozen over! Stupid English weather!

I suppose on the upside, its sunny ๐Ÿ™‚ I just didn’t expect to have to wear mittens and a scarf today.

Sam’s antics this morning: he managed to escape intoย the garden into next this wouldn’t be so much of a problem if our gardens were flat. Oh no – our gardens are built onto a steep hillside – with patios that then have a 10ft high drystone wall and steps up to the next level….and it was this level Sam decided to mountaineer over into next door this morning – over branches, through bushes – on a very steep slope with a 10ft drop onto stone at the side of him.

You might think its kind of irresponsible to let a tripawd roam about on such terrain – I assure you, I don’t. He managed to bust through the assortment of obstacles blocking the steps – how, I don’t know, as he had to climb a chair and a sledge of all things to get over.

As I say – all this before 8am. I wasnt at home, my Mum text me as I was on the train to work this morning, to give me this news. Apparently now Sam keeps whining at the door to go back out there. No wonder since he had such an adventure earlier!

Just one example of my daily happenings with my angel (I say that with a straight face – honestly)!.

Have a fantastic day!

Hugs, bugs and Bones


7 thoughts on “Frost?!”

  1. Hey Bam Bam, you gotta show me how you did that! Sounds like a good time.

    I’m a rescue too! My first humans were these morons who left me tied up and didn’t care that I was all tangled in a rope. Yep, that’s how I lost my leg. A nice vet saved me and then my pawrents met me through Tripawds! Now I hang with them and try to keep them in line. Although sometimes like you I get a little distracted…

    Stay close to home you silly boy, that’s where the food is!

  2. English weather? That sounds like Alberta weather. We had a snow storm with wind warnings two weeks ago and today it was 25C above and the grass has greened and the trees are ready to pop…silly, really, to have all this colour so early since we’ve been known to have blizzards in May.

    Sam sounds like a real busy guy!

  3. Alberta?! Id love to go there, I bet its way prettier than here…well after the frosty start yesterday, and minus 2, today is going to be up around 19 degrees apparently…the rollercoaster continues..

    Sam is a real busy body – when hes out, he is NEVER still for long (until he finds a stick to lie down in te sun with and then he turns into the lazy boy he is around the house). The upshot of yesterdays adventure – now we have to get a builder to come and make a new fence in our garden – Sam likes to keep us humans on our toes!

  4. Hey Wyatt! I read your story, its awful – and I am so so happy for you that you now have your new amazing family!

    Oh its really easy to bust out of a garden, you just got to clamber through trees and bushes – pull you leg along with you at the back and just use your front legs, like crawling along the floor – thats what I do – im like a commando!

    You are right, I love my food and as soon as my Nana shouted ‘breakfast’ (which is what I call every meal actually)! I rushed to get back home – nothing will seperate me from my food….

    So nice I have a new tripawd friend now Wyatt – Im just jealous of where you get to live in the world!

    Bam Bam

  5. Hi Bam Bam and Kel,

    Welcome to tripawds! You will find many human and canine friends here. What a lucky dog Bam Bam is to have found you. He sounds and looks like a sweetheart.

    In what field is your PhD? Where in England are you? Country? City?

    Looking forward to reading more of your story.

    Nancy (Opie’s Mom)

  6. Hi Nancy and Opie!

    Thanks for your message! Everyone is so lovely here ๐Ÿ™‚

    I live in the hills near to Manchester, in the North West. Theres lots of countryside for Bam Bam to go out and play in, so he is lucky ๐Ÿ™‚

    Im doing my PhD in Neuroscience, Im studying sensory-motor integration in Autism, its really interesting and I love it, but its very hard work!

    How about you? Where do you guys live etc?

    Thanks again your your kind msg!

    Kel and sammy

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