The Beginning


Im Kelly, and I am writing this blog with my favourite boy – my 1 year old, jet black, collie x lurcher – Sam (or Bam Bam as he is affectionately known..)
We have decided to write a blog because, for one, we want to let the world know how ace we are..(make of that what you will..), two, so that we can meet other crazies like us, and three, because we get up to so much exciting stuff, it would be a shame not to share it…

From Sam:
Hi everyone, my Mummy wants to me to learn communicate properly now I’m 1, because she thinks that when I was a little puppy, I wasnt socialised properly, so now I dont know how to greet other doggies correctly – apparently Im not allowed to run at full-speed toward everyone and then spin in front of them while barking..

My Mummy is doing her PhD at the moment, so she is very busy all the time. She goes to work play experiments, and play thesis writing…I guess thats the same as playing with my toys? Anyway, she is a bit crazy because she does all that and then has to put up with me and my antics as well! I know I should be a good boy for my Mummy but its so exciting when Im out on my walks, I cant help myself from running around like the lunatic lurcher that I am!

Me and my Mummy wanted to say Hi, and we hope you will enjoy our blog. Right now she is going to take me up to bed (I sleep on the big bed)! so she can watch Glee…(I dont much like that, I much prefer Newsnight…)

Hugs, Bugs and Bones

Sam and Kel